Buxton Run


24 September 2006

We had planned to do this run as part of a club outing with the Market Drayton club, but due to poor weather in the morning, illness and breakdowns the club called it off, this did not stop me as a all weather mini driver, so me and my mum headed of to Buxton alone.  We were planning to have a pub lunch and a look around some caves but as I am not to keen on pub lunches we found some dinner in Buxton, the most delightful town.  Then we were going to look around some caves but as the weather had brightened up so much we decided to stay above ground and have a drive around the moors.  We ended up in the Goyt Valley and had an excellent day out!  I know one thing for sure next time I go to Buxton, I won't be going to any pubs or caves but heading straight for the moors, the roads are great fun, the mini belongs on roads like these, out climbing many modern cars and the views are stunning.  (Some roads are lightly hairy to say the least so be careful!)

We then called in at a ice cream farm, between Macclesfield and Leek called Blaze Farm, their ice cream is by far the tastiest in the area in my opinion!

Below are some pictures of the day out:-


The Sidewalk in the Goyt Valley


The same as above but at a slightly different angle and zoomed in!

Just up from the Goyt valley

Same area as above

And again
And in the opposite direction
Goyt valley, behind one of the dams
Again but panning to the right
A perfect photo in my opinion looking down the Goyt valley
The dam outlet and the valley beyond
How low the water actually is below the dam!
A close up of the dam outlet
Just outside Buxton
and again but panning to the left
Looking down above the dam
and again but panning to the right, note all of the sun and blue sky!
The hill down to the dam, I would love to let rip on my penny Farthing down this hill!  except I can't swim so not so good at the bottom!
The boating club above the dam
On the moors above the dam going towards Macclesfield

I will be adding more reports shortly, with many more pictures, so keep checking back!